We do not use frozen meat.
We use chilled pork from Tochigi that was raised for char.
The thickness is completely different from that of a normal pig.
There is about 1.5 times the thickness of the normal, large rolls, it is characterized by the taste does not escape when boiled.
Deepen the taste with ramen soup
I use ramen soup when simmering.
This is the secret that gives rise to the depth of taste that can not be offered in “butcher” and “home”
You can choose from 2 types of grilled pork
Our store is making two types of rose and shoulder loin.
Healthy shoulder loin is characterized by less fat and no habit, so it can be eaten without warming it.
Juicy roses contain a lot of good quality fat and are very soft and will melt only with a little warming.
Currently, it is used only for Bokemon Ramen.
Specially made grilled pork sauce is the best.
Bokkenmon’s grilled pork dumplings use the soy sauce from the Kitakyusyu and Neko Ashikonbu to highlight the taste.
Soft fried pork cut with chopsticks
Our steak is made with domestic chilled sauce and is a good treat without smell.